Running Safety Checklist

fwruncoFort Worth Running Company

As the nights get a little longer, running safely in the dark gets more and more crucial. As runners, it is important to balance enjoying your run and safety measures, 

Here is a checklist to run through (no pun intended) to make sure you are optimizing your safety on runs:

  1. Run with a partner, friend, family member, or dog whenever possible. There is safety in numbers and you have someone to take your mind off the miles!
  2. Ditch your headphones, have one earbud in (low volume is best!), or better yet – join the AfterShokz squad like we have at Lonestar Footwear! 
  3. Become as visible as possible. Thankfully the running gear gods have heard our cry and have started creating so many cool reflective and hi-viz options – from vests to leggings to headlamps. 
  4. Run where people are around. Well lit trails, city areas (track, parks) – etc.
  5. Run against traffic – which is always the goal –  where you are the most visible.
  6. Vary your running routes and timing. 
  7. Pepper spray, other self defense stuffs 
  8. Bring your cell phone and some form of identification. 
  9. Always, always tell someone where you’re going.
  10. Never ignore your instincts.

No matter how many precautions you take, being present in your surroundings makes you better able to hear trouble if it comes knocking. Stay safe, friends!