Next Up: Training for Fall Races

fwruncoFort Worth Running Company

As we wind down the summer months, we as a running community find ourselves looking towards those cooler months as an opportunity to run a race. 

There are dizzying amounts of training plans, books, blogs, articles and social media posts about how to approach a fall race – and each runner should find what works for them – but here at Dallas Running Company and Fort Worth Running Company, we wanted to gather a few thoughts and suggestions as you get ready for whatever distance you’re racing.

  • Get yourself fitted for the correct pair of running shoes for you!

Correct fitted running shoes are our bread and butter – and there are many reasons why! With each step you take, you are coming down with 4 times your body weight onto your foot and ankle – and with the incorrect footwear, you are creating space for injuries to happen. 

With our MYFITT process:

  • we measure your feet and arches to find the correct size (did you know sometimes you have two different size feet?) 
  • we scan your feet on our Aetrex 3D scanner to determine the pressure distribution, to understand current foot issues or prevent new ones from forming
  • we next use a video analysis on the treadmill to acquire gait information and see how your feet move in real time

The combination of these elements give our fit experts the tools to find your best fit and help you in the long run (pun intended!)

  • Build mileage slowly.

Giving your body ample time to get used to what you are undertaking is key. Do not get greedy or find yourself trapped in “I feel really good, what is another 5 miles?” before your body is ready. A good rule is increasing mileage 10-15% per week or adding one mile each week to your long run. 

  • Find a fueling/nutrition plan that works.

There are so many plans out there and nutrition is unfortunately not a “one plan fits all” type thing. What works for you is anything that tastes good, is quick to grab, and is easy for your stomach to digest. This can be anything from a banana, to energy gels, to Goldfish crackers! A good rule of thumb is to fuel every 45-60 minutes of carbohydrates and plenty of water or electrolytes. Part of training is trying this out ahead of time so you are able to sail past cramps, bonking, or any other nutrition related ailment on race day.

  • Be realistic and enjoy the process!

Training (especially for distance runners) can be long, arduous and can result in burnout. Setting challenging, but totally doable goals are the ticket to success. Does total time racing matter to you or does mile time? Are you using this race as a springboard for a longer one? Or are you trying to beat a friend, coworker or family member? Focus on crossing those goals off your list, but keep the real goal (finishing!) at the very top – and once you do? Celebrate like there is no tomorrow. You earned it!


The journey is the goal. Each smart step that you take to prepare yourself gets you closer to the starting line (and ultimately the finishing line) healthy! Take care of yourself and enjoy the miles to come.


Interested in training groups? We’ve got training groups running throughout the year at our Fort Worth location and social runs at all three of our stores. Email us at for more details.