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You have done it. You have decided to take the leap and start running! You are unsure of how to begin. You know it has something to do with lacing up your shoes and going, and it might be tempting to dust off whatever pair you have in the back of your closet, but it is not a good idea. So what do you do? We recommend finding a running store. Buying the correct running shoe for you is the most important step you can take for the health of your feet moving forward and running stores have the right skillset to find the pair that works for you.


At Dallas Running Company and Fort Worth Running Company we have a unique MYFITT Process to customize your fit:

  1. We begin with a measurement of both feet and arches. It is important that we measure both of your feet, as it is more common that you have different size feet! Also, we can’t forget the arch measurement as this is just as crucial to finding the correct fit for you. This information allows us to select the shoes that will be best for your feet.


  1. Next is the foot scan. To look more in depth into your situation, we use our Aetrex 3D scanner to determine how the pressure is distributed on your feet. Knowing your pressure distribution will allow us to understand foot issues you are having or allow us to prevent future foot ailments. This scan also provides very important information on your arch. The arch analysis allows your fit specialist to fit you in the correct category of shoes and provide you with the best insert recommendation.


  1. Next up is the video analysis done on the treadmill. This analysis is an extension of the foot scanner and helps provide useful gait information to the runner or walker. We use this feature to show us what’s happening as you run, pronation or supination, and further understand the movement of each individual foot.


  1. After gathering the analysis information it is time to find your fit! Information from the measurement, foot scan and slow-motion video analysis will allow your fit specialist to recommend multiple shoe options as well as the correct inserts. Whether you’re a runner, walker, or someone who’s on their feet all day, we have something for you. We provide the options, and it is up to you to decide what you would like!


It may feel like a daunting task because there is no one solution for everyone, but the investment is worth it. Ill fitting, old shoes can create opportunities for injury, blisters, and give you incorrect support (among other things) for the many, many miles ahead. 


We encourage you to take the time to invest in yourself this holiday season and in the coming year! We look forward to having you in store!


Watch our MYFITT process here!