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What makes our stores different from other retailers? With so many options online, we knew that our differentiation needed to be rooted in our quality of service. But that’s just the half of it. We don’t just treat our customers well, we provide a valuable and insightful MYFITT process that we have crafted from the ground up.

When we combined our customer service standards with new age technology, we knew we’d found the sweet spot. It keeps our customer’s experience human while still embedding the latest technology into our MYFITT process.

If you’ve shopped in our stores, you’ve experienced our Albert Aetrex 3D scanner. This is a key element in our fit process, allowing both our fit specialists and the customer to visually assess the customer’s feet. Within seconds, our fit specialists are able to break down the pressure point distribution, unique measurements and a 3D analysis of each foot to recommend the right shoes and inserts. In addition to the scan, our fit specialists take the time to learn about any injuries or medical conditions that may be affecting the customer’s active lifestyle. 

Once this fit process was established and thriving, we knew we wanted to take it to the next level. We are consistently seeking new ways to expand and build upon our MYFITT process so we can best serve our customers. 

That’s when Fit HQ was born. We consulted with Aetrex and they designed a personalized solution for our customer’s needs. Fit HQ will add another layer of personalization to our MYFITT process.  For new customers, it will automatically render shoes and insert suggestions that fit their foot type. When a customer returns to our store, the Albert scanner will save their profile to refer back to, showing past shoe purchases and updated models that we suggest. While we provide this recommendation service through our fit specialist already, Fit HQ will take it to the next level implementing customer data preservation for future store visits. 

In short, what does this mean for you, the customer? We’ve got your back, and your feet, too.

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