How To “Find Your Fit” in fitness


When it comes to health and fitness there is always going to be a new workout, new diet, new way to transform yourself. I mean have you seen some of those workout class advertisements on Facebook? Yoga and puppies? Sign me up! All kidding aside, the health and wellness industry is full of options to get you to your goals. When it comes to actual workouts it’s up to you find out what works for you. What kind of workout will make you wake up in the morning to get your sweat in, not hit snooze. What kind of workout will motivate you to hit the gym after work vs. going to sit on your couch and watch Netflix? What you need to do is Find Your Fit. Here are 3 things to consider when deciding what works for you to get yourself (and keep yourself) moving!

  1. Do you enjoy a crowd? Do you feed off of the energy of others?
    If you like people and find yourself motivated when you’re working out around others then group fitness is a great route to test out! The great thing about group fitness is that there are about a million options within this category. Don’t quote me on that though. In all seriousness, group fitness has exploded. You can take everything from spin to Barre to kickboxing classes…and those are just naming a few. As you can see from those 3 wildly different examples of class type you are bound to find your niche within group fitness if you think this is the route for you. I recommend checking out Classpass if you want to test out a variety of classes. Classpass is partnered with thousands of studios nationwide. You pay a membership to them and then get to try out classes at the studios they partner with! A trial month is pretty affordable and if plan your month right you can get to a lot of different studios.You might end up loving bopping around so much you stick with Classpass verse getting a membership at one specific studio.
  2. Do you want the convenience of at home workouts?
    If you answered heck yes to that question then you will want to check out home workout DVDs, phone apps, body weight workouts on Pinterest, etc. There is a whole slew of workouts that require little to no equipment that can be done right from your living room. This option is especially great for stay at home parents of younger children and people who work from home! Being too busy to get to the gym is a major reason people struggle to get their workout in. WIth this option, you don’t have to worry about that. There is no weather that will prevent you from getting to your living room/basement/etc. Beachbody has great programs that you can stream through your phone or order the actual DVD. One thing to keep in mind, going to a gym/group fitness class can be intimidating but a lot of people feed off the social accountability of a group/coach. If you think you’re someone that will struggle with holding yourself accountable to pressing play at home consider other options until you’re on a roll. Once you’re in a groove of working out then by all means get your workout on at home!
  3. Do you like the structure of a program? Setting a goal & accomplishing it?
    You’ll want to consider following a running training program or a lifting program. Whether its a couch to 5k program or training for your first marathon there are tons of resources to guide you to your goal! Now, hear me out I am not saying this because I am writing for a running store. I used to despise long distance running. As a collegiate basketball player I was trained to run sprints. A long run for me was our timed mile. This just goes to show you to never say never. I successfully trained for my first marathon with the Fort Worth Running Co. My athletic background totally lended itself to following the structure of a program that was planned out. I could look at the week and see exactly what workouts needed to be done and cross them off once complete. My favorite part of the training was training with the group itself. If you live in an area that offers running training groups or even social runs I highly recommend checking them out. This will give you the opportunity to meet people and stay accountable with your training. Take it from a former non runner, if you are even remotely incline to complete a race or strength program find a partner/group to do it with. It makes all the difference.

I hope these 3 routes help you find what works for you! Remember, as you are getting started on your fitness journey try not worry if you test out a few classes and you hate them. That’s normal! If you find yourself bored on your 3rd day of at home workouts at least you tried it! Now you can cross it off the list. You will not like every workout you try and that’s okay. Enjoy the process and listen to your body! Follow what feels good for you. After all, there is no one size fits all! At Fort Worth Running Co. we want to help you find your fit. Often times, injuries prevent people from reaching their fitness goals. If your feet are bothering you or you have nagging aches/pains that you can’t seem to shake, stop by the store and we’ll go through our customized fit process to help you get on your way to reaching your health goals!