3 Healthy Habits to Jump Into With Your Kids This Fall


  1. Start that sleep routine early!
    Summertime means more sunlight: aka more hours to play. This is great for June and July but come once school starts you’ll want to help get your children back into the routine of winding down before the sunsets. This will make it easier for your kids to adjust during the first weeks of school and the shorter days of the fall.A good night’s sleep plays an integral part in their ability to succeed in school. If your children aren’t getting enough sleep it can make focusing and staying awake during class harder, which can affect their overall performance in school.

    • Ideas to help!
      • Set a (realistic) bedtime that your family can stick with. If you’re like the average family you probably have more than one child running from one extra curricular to the next. If you know there’s no way you can get everyone in bed by 8pm don’t make that your goal. Set an attainable time range for bedtime that your family can reach! This will boost your family morale when you actually reach the goal and get everyone to bed by that time. A fun idea to get the whole family involved and interested in getting to bed on time is to set a goal to get in bed on time 4 times per week then all choose a reward if you guys do it!
      • Turn electronics off early! There are plenty of studies out there that emphasizes how the blue light on our electronic devices disturbs our ability to fall asleep at night. Try instilling a house rule that everyone needs to turn phones, ipads, and tv off an hour before bed! Try offering a relaxing bath/shower or reading with them instead to help everyone wind down.
  2. Start Each Day with a nutritious breakfast and pack a healthy lunch!
    Eating a nutritious breakfast gives your child the fuel they need to perform their best in school! A good meal to start the day will increase their concentration and give them the energy they need to make it until lunch. If your school provides a breakfast make sure the food is full of nutrients (lots of protein!) not just sugary carbs that will cause a spike and then crash (think: donuts, pop tarts, etc.) If you’re not happy with what you see on the menu for your kids lunch, take it into your own hands! Add some time to your morning or start a meal prep on Sunday to prepare some healthy options for the week. We love these egg trays for breakfast- check out the recipe here.Lunch is just as important as breakfast when it comes to fueling your child for the rest of the afternoon and any after school activities! Be sure to pack a lunch or utilize your child’s school lunch options. A lot of schools will send home cafeteria menus or will have a hot lunch menu you can select from in advance. Take a few minutes a week to review this info with your child and pack a lunch if they don’t like what’s available or if it’s not going to align with the healthy lifestyle your family is trying to lead. Lunch, like breakfast, can all be made in advance to save you time! Look into these meal prep tips here if cooking in advance isn’t your forte.
  3. Talk About Extracurricular Activities!
    Most schools offer a variety of extracurriculars that your children can get involved with. Whether that’s playing on a sports team or joining the school choir there is most likely something that your child would enjoy. Extracurriculars are a great way to keep your child excited about their school and they offer an opportunity for them to meet new students. Take some time to talk about it ahead of time with them to make sure they’re ready for the commitment that comes with extracurriculars. Help them with the planning and organization it takes by setting up a community calendar where they can put when their assignments are due, when practices are, ertc. This will help you and them feel prepared and ready to tackle each day!